Register for Hebrew School 2020

Sunday Aug 30th at 8:00am to Sunday May 16th at 12:00pm

Please complete the form below to register your child(ren) for Shul House Rock Religious School at BethEl. To learn more about the programming year, click here. To view the calendar, click here.

A few key points to note:

  • If your child has an individualized education plan, please email it to Bethany Slater so that we can share relevant information with your child’s teachers. If you have other information about your child’s learning style that you think might help our teachers, please feel free to reach out at any point during the year to either Bethany Slater, our Religious School Director or to the relevant teacher.
  • Attendance: It is so so important that your child regularly attend classes. Not only does it hurt your child to miss class, but it also makes it hard for the other students and teachers. The information students learn accumulates from class to class. Missing classes can mean your child will struggle to keep up and feel successful.
  • Books: If your family does not yet own a copy of the JPS Children’s Bible, please click here and we will order one for you.
  • Volunteering: Bethany Slater is putting together a new parent’s advisory team for Shul House Rocks. We are looking for a leader for this team and several volunteers who can be a collaborative force to help us perfect our school, provide feedback on programming to the director and teachers, and help recruitment. Bethany is committed to working efficiently and transparently with this team. Also, our outdoor programming this year won’t be possible without parent support. We will be looking for volunteers to act as chaperones during those programs to help us maintain social distancing and to support some of the logistics. If you know that you’d like to be part of the parent team providing feedback and support on these programs, or volunteer in any capacity for Religious School, please email Bethany. We could really use you.
  • Medical information: For liability reasons, BethEl cannot be responsible for administering any medications to students. Please do not send medications with your student on any school activities, either prescription or over the counter. However, it is vital we know the names of all medications your child is taking in case of an emergency. We also need to know of any allergies your child may have. Please let us know if any of your children are currently taking medications, have food/medicine allergies, and how sever they are so that we can keep them safe in case of an emergency. Please include this in the form below.

Consent notice:

By submitting this form, I agree to permit my child(ren) to participate fully in the programs and off-campus activities of BethEl’s Shul House Rock Religious School. I permit BethEl staff to act as necessary to ensure the safety of my child when I am not present. Should medical treatment be needed for my child, I understand that BethEl staff will attempt to contact a parent or person previously designated by me. In the instance of a medical emergency or an inability to reach a contact person by phone, I agree to allow BethEl staff to take my child to a licensed emergency room to receive treatment as needed or to make other necessary decisions.

Fee Scale -- Please enter the appropriate payment amount for your child or children below.

  • Mazel Tots: $200 for members, $360 for non-members
  • 2nd/3rd: $200 for members, $360 for non-members
  • 4th/5th: $250 for members, $360 for non-members
  • 6th/7th: $250 for members, $360 for non-members
  • Teen Beit Midrash: $250 for members, $360 for non-members
  • Confirmation: Participation in Teen Beit Midrash and $280 supply fee.
  • Mensch Adventures Only: $100 for members, $200 for non-members
  • Pre-Benai Mitzvah Tutoring with Sarah Metzger: $600 

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My children’s names and pictures may appear in the educational newsletter, congregational newsletter, website or other synagogue materials.

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